How should i makeup?

How should i makeup?

hy. i am having a special party this Tuesday and i need to where a nice and pretty makeup. i have a black and white dress. i am fair and have brown eyes. can you please suggest me howi shud make up? :)
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The great thing about wearing a black and white dress there is a lot of variety on how you can wear your makeup.
You could do a smoky eye with natural lip, bright lips with natural eye, natural makeup ext... your options are limitless.
I've attached a few images i searched on google to give you different ideas. :)

The first image is more of a red carpet/formal dress but you can see her makeup is beautiful- she looks beautiful without looking too made up.
Kim Kardashian is always beautiful- her makeup is all about her eyes. She has false lashes to really bring attention to her eyes.
Rachel McAdams looks stunning with her red lips. Doing a red/bright colored lip will allow you to wear more simple makeup on the eyes. Red lips stands out as a statement.

So many different looks you can do that will look amazing!
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B & W dress
Kim K in black and white dress
Red lip
do a darker colour eyeshadow, maybe a deep purple witha shimmer, with some wicked eye liner, try and do a smokey eye,
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Look up a cosmetology school in your area, and have one of their students make you up real nice for about five dollars.
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