How should i makeup?

How should i makeup?

hy. i am having a special party this Tuesday and i need to where a nice and pretty makeup. i have a black and white dress. i am fair and have brown eyes. can you please suggest me howi shud make up? :)
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Aw, hopefully you had a wonderful time at your party! For the future: You have a lot of options since you have a black and white dress. You'll want to add some color either through accessories or makeup. Part of it depends on your personality and what you want to feature. If it's in makeup, pick either your eyes or your lips.

If it's eyes, pick out a bright, shimmering color to add as a spotlight or liner color. You can pick 2 if you want since you won't be clashing with colors in your outfit. Then keep your lips downplayed with a nude satin lipstick or your favorite lipgloss.

If you choose your lips, keep your eyes on the simple side with a matte lid color that matches your skin, a matte taupe in the crease, and black liquid or gel liner (done with a tiny, tiny wing tip or just a basic lashline coat on top). For the lips, go bold! I've seen girls really pull off a bright red (glam), bubblegum pink, rose, or even a fuchsia lip. It's especially cute if you happen to have a clutch or heels/flats that match the color.

Also, for any style, false lashes are an easy way to "dress up" a makeup look and give something a more flirty, dramatic appearance. You'd be surprised how much less you have to do makeup-wise if you have a nice pair of false lashes on. Some are natural-looking, some dramatic, and some are brightly colored or have rhinestones - it all depends on your own style.
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