How should I do my friends makeup?

How should i do my friends makeup?

She is a Redhead and is very pale. Her dress for prom is bright red, and she wants silver eyeshadow. How should I do this? She wants a somewhat Natural look
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7.Go for a brown mascara.Black washes out a redhead to much.If you want something more natural go for burgundy.
8.Groom the eyebrows with a brown or blonde eyebrow pencil.If their already light you want to darken them up but if there not use the just add shape.
9.Be sure to pick the perfect lipstick the most natural would be a deeper pink.

I really hope this helps.I just joined this sight. I'm a makeup artist from Los Angelas,California and i've done makeup for such stars as Alicia Keys,Amanda Seyfried,and Nicki Minaj.I was also one of the makeup artist at the Victoria's Secret fashion show of 2011 and have been to do it again.I just don't want stars to be beautiful i want EVERYONE to be.I hope you friend has fun at prom.
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1.Prep her skin.Use a moisturizer that it is at least is SPF 15 to protect her porcelain skin.I suggest Pond's or Oil of Olay something light without fragrance.
2.Go light on foundation.Redheads are usually blessed with blemish free skin so i would try a lightweight or mineral makeup but be sure not to go to dark.You can test what color would be best for her by rubbing a tiny drop foundation on the inside of her wrist.Be sure to do it under natural light so the results are not uneven.
3.Experiment with different foundations if she must but most of the redheads i work with claim that mineral foundations work best for their sensitive skin.If her skin begins to get irritated or red and scaly discontinue use.If she already uses a foundation that works well for her then there is no reason to change up.
4.Erase bluish under eye circles using a light highlighting pen.Most redheads have pale skin with bluish undertones.So just dab a bit under her eyes to make the shadows appear as if they are fading.
5.Use a rosy blush to add color.You might want to see what color her cheeks turn naturally when she runs or is embarrassed.That is the color you want to use.Use a large,quality brush to lightly brush over the apples of her cheeks.Skip bronzes they usually don't look good on redheads.
6.Brush earthy looking colors on her eyes.Other colors overpower a redheads fair skin however you can try purple it looks striking against red hair especially if she has green eyes.You can also try jewel
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Yes, you could do silver....but I would recommend adding a deeper grey to the crease and using the silver on the lid. Keep the focus on her eyes and use a natural blush or a bit of bronzer for her cheeks so she has a natural glow. Try Benefit Sun will give her a healthy glow without looking like she has too much color. Black eyeliner and mascara and a neutral lip with some gloss. Clinique Creamy Nude is a nice shade....just add some gloss over it and she will look stunning!
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