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How should i do my eyeliner to look the best?

i'm kinda new to eyeliner and im wondering how to put it on(top lid, bottom lid, both or anything else)
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For daytime, I would recommend applying a dark brown pencil (or you can also use eye shadow) both on the top and bottom lids. Another look that would work really great on you is liquid eyeliner. Takes practice, but I can see you wearing a winged eyeliner.
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cat eye look liner will look amazing on you:)
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I think that you have the perfect eye shape for eyeliner! You can go a little thicker, and it'll still look ok. Cat eye would look best on you (thicker at outer corner)! Also, I like to fill in my bottom waterline (inside rim) as well.
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To make your eyes look bigger line your top lid staring at the outter corner to about 3/4 of the way towards the inner corner. Then line the bottom lid (underneath NOT your water line) starting at outer corner to the middle of bottom lash line (halfway to the other corner). This will open your eyes much more then lining them all the way. It is how i do mine day-to-day. See my pic to see how it looks. If you look tired you can also line your water line with white liner to wake your eyes up.
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It may be easier for you as a beginner to pull the lid taunt and away from the face and begin from the outside working your way to the inner corner of the eye. Working in small strokes helps avoid any slip ups until your hands become more steady. Generally it is most flattering to go thicker on the outside and more thin on the inside as this really accentuates and makes the eye POP!
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