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How often do you wash your brushes?

I have a big disagreement with one of my girlfriends on how often you should wash your makeup brushes. For me it is once a week give or take but she does her's every other day or so. I am curious what you do.
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It's about once every two weeks for me. but sometimes i get lazy and wash mine once every three weeks :x
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probably about once evey 2 weeks
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i think personally once a week is more than enough.
i suspect if you wash them too often it could do more harm than good to the fibres, plus if you're using a proper brush cleaner, it should be fine.
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i would say once every 2 weeks
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I disinfect mine with a spray sterilizer after eve use. But as far as a good scrub down, I usually do that once a month or so. Make sure to wipe any excess product on a towel or rag after every color as to not distort following color application. If you are only using your brushes on yourself, I don't think it is necessary to wash so often. Note: over washing your brushes can weaken the glue around the metal part that holds the bristles causing your brushes to have a shorter life span.
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I don't even do mine once a week but I should. I go about a week and a half to 2 weeks, depending on how much I have used them. I can tell when they need to be washed! I think once per week is perfectly fine, you don't want to over wash the brush either!
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Although this is a funny thing to disagree about, I'd have to go with once a week. Even though she is being clean, you don't necessarily have to wash it every other day. Once a week will do just fine, as well. This is just my opinion, though.
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