How much makeup is too much?

How much makeup is too much?

I've seen people who wear way too much makeup and I don't want to be one of those people. So how much is too much?
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I think it's hard to say. Depending on your age, skin texture, purpose for wearing it (everyday or special occasion), it can really vary. I think your best bet is to use your best judgment and ask for advice from a close friend who is not afraid to tell you the truth. And if you're unsure about something, always err on the safe side!
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I feel most of the time less is more. If you're doing a heavier eye, maybe do a neutral lip and vice versa.
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Whatever feels right for you! It starts with good skin.....if your skin is good, the less makeup you wear the better! I tend to play up my eyes and wear tinted moisturizers and tinted cheek creams. You will be able to tell what is too much for you!
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umm when ur orange, lolz
probably when u jus dont like urself completely:0
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when they look like natural is nice
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It depends on what you like to wear, really. I always go for the natural look, so when I see people with bright eye-shadow or an excessive amount of eyeliner I think it's too much. It's just personal preference, really. But as far as foundation goes, powder is better to use than liquid, because it doesn't pollute your skin as much and also blends in so you can't see foundation lines everywhere. With liptick, I like red lipstick, but any weird shade (Like blue, or green) is just a bit daft really.
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I think when it's cakey on your face and you can obviously tell you're wearing makeup, it's probably too much. Try to focus on one thing, like your eye makeup and keep your skin and lips simple. One thing or another so you don't wear too much makeup.
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