How do you get the eyeshadow to go past your lid on the makeovers?

How do you get the eyeshadow to go past your lid on the makeovers?

I was browsing through the top makeovers and noticed a lot of them featured very bold eyeshadow that extended way past the lower lids and out to the side. How do they do this? When i was doing a makeover on one of my photos i could only get the eyeshadow to go directly on the lid where it was barely noticeable. I could only get a tiny bit on the lower lash but smudging the eyeliner. What is the secret to the bold eye looks and extending the shadow past the lids?
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There are a lot of different options on the bottom for the different eyeshadow styles. If you want it to go aaall the way up to the brow though, you just have to change the measurements you put for the eyes. Move the blue dots around until you find something you like. It's all in trial and error :)
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there are options at the bottom of the makeovers but anouther thing is that if you put you mouse on the makeover blue dot will apear when that happens move thema around and keep doing this until you get the makeover you want you also do this to the lips so it looks like its smudged
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There are options for style when you do eyeshadow
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There is also differen options for what "style" you want the eyshadow to be. There are 4 (I think?) Boxes underneeth the colours that will help you place the eyeshadow and choose different colours if you'd like. :)
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@Choco_Holic yup. tthats what i do!
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HI!! okay so after you click on the colour you want, you move your cursor over the picture and blue dots should appear. These blue dots ae the outline of the eyeshadow, you can click on the blue dots to extend and move around the eyeshadow. ;D
Hope I helped!!
xo Mikaela
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