How Do You Get A Flawless Fake Tan?

How do you get a flawless fake tan?

Hey, I just went out and brought, Le Tan Fast Tan Instant tanning lotion. I'm kinda already tan, but how do I apply it so that it doesnt look streaky/blotchy? Thanks, Tenelle x.
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I would suggest showering and washing yourself from head-to-toe with a cleanser containing salicylic acid for preparation. You can buy one at the drugstore; just check the ingredients. Salicylic acid is the most effective dead skin cell remover on the market. If you use other scrubs or loofah to exfoliate your skin, you risk uneveness. Pat your skin dry and then prepare a spray, half water/half apple cider vinegar. Then spray yourself down with it. One of the reasons self tanners turn orangey is because they're applied when the skin is too alkaline. This will guarantee the skin will be more on the acidic side when you apply the self tanner. Wait for it to dry in. You will smell like a salad for a few minutes, but then it will evaporate. Start the self tanner application on your feet and massage it in; using circular motions. Apply it sparingly around the toes, ankles, knees. Then use your blow dryer set to the cold setting, and dry yourself throughly before applying your clothes-unfortunately, they tan, too. Good luck to you and happy tanning.
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if your a pale person in general then use a bronzer all over the body make sure it looks nice not crazy
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Make sure to exfoliate your skin really well first. Don't apply lotion or it will act like a "barrier" and the tanning cream won't penetrate. Rub the tanning lotion where you want color.....make sure to be careful around the knees, elbows, ankles and wrists. Wash your hands really well after and let the lotion dry for as long as it says on the directions. You shouldn't have streaks if you blend it well enough. Hope this helps!
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