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How do you do smokey eyes without it looking like you have a black eye?

well I try other and other again trying to make this smokey affect affective but it just gives me a black eye affect!
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Start light and build up intensity. there's nothing worse than over-applying and then realizing you have too much makeup on. it's also key to have a decent eye shadow brush to make sure you're applying and blending evenly.
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Try lining your eyes with a shadow pencil or a regular old eyeliner. Now smudge with an eye shadow brush. With a fluffy brush, blend in a medium-to-dark shade in charcoal, brown, navy, green, up to you at the outer corner of your eyes.
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Thank you your answers are sooo useful!
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You can create a smokey eye with different colors other than gray and black, you can use earth tones-browns and golds. Use a business card pressed next to your eye as you apply it, to create a clean straight line.
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try a different effect on different pages for eyes
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