how do u apply eyeliner

How do u apply eyeliner

all my firends wear eyeliner and i dont know how to apply it
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Start out with a smudgeproof or waterproof brown or gray pencil (those colors look more natural and if you make a mistake it's not so dark and noticeable). Tilt your head back so your chin goes up and look in the mirror. Close your eye halfway and trace the pencil over your eyelashes in small baby strokes. Maybe in the beginning only do the outer corners of your eye. Don't worry no one is good in the beginning. We all just get better at it the next time round.
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Apply your eyeliner as close to your top lash line as possible. I try to do it in 2 sweeps and I never pull on my eye. For the lower line, again try to apply as close to the lash line as possible. Gel eyeliners go on nice and smooth.....Maybelline makes gel liners. They also have a new Dramatic pencil eyeliner that glides on fabulous!
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just apply on your waterline avoiding contact to your eyeball,, try and you'l get the hang of it:)
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with eyeliner its best to have parents or really good friends show you. but if you try it, you pull your cheek down until the outside of your eye shows, then you SOFTLY uply the eyeliner pencil there.
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naww sweety, get your friends to do your makeup one day. im not very experianced with makeup, but you rub the eyeliner pecil on your waterline and over your lashes. thats what i do anyway, it turns out pretty! :D
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