How do i pursuade my parents to let me wear concealor/foundaton/anything to cover acny/redness?

How do i pursuade my parents to let me wear concealor/foundaton/anything to cover acny/redness?

my parents wont let me wear anything to cover acny or redness and i need it! im 13 and in sixth grade all my friends are aloud to wear it. HELP?!
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Wearing foundation will help you only if you use a special one for acne,for example dermocosmetics Vichy Normadern, but it;s best if you just talk to your parents and suggest them that you visit a dermatologist instead
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If I were you, I would just wash your face with an acne wash and use acne cream at night to clear up your skin. If you wear makeup right now, it could clog your pores and make the problem even worse.
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You don't have to wear make up since you're only thirteen, your skin is pretty vulnerable and any "make up thing" would be harmfull. Visit a dermatologist in order to follow a therapy for your acny and redness because if it woulbe worse if you ignore it. By putting make up, you only disappear the problem for a few hours but you fon't fix it. And fix this should be your priority. If you want to wear something, you can buy a lipgloss, I bought my first when I was thirteen (but I wasn't allowed to wear it at school).
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Your parents just want you to keep your skin as pure as possible while you're still young. If you're having acne/redness issues, you should visit a dermatologist with your parents. The doctor will recommend the best things for your skin and might be able to tell you whether or not foundation/concealer is a good idea for your skin at this point. Hang tight. You have your whole life to wear makeup :)
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