How do I make my nose look smaller?

How do i make my nose look smaller?

Yes, I realise the obvious answer to this is either have a nose job or wear a bag over your head! But the first is not feasible at present and the second is even more drastic! Soo, short of these two options, can anyone please give me any advice as to how to make my broad nose look less, well, broad? I'm going to an event this Friday night and I'd like to look my best.
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Jeselle, What on earth is a nose right tool - it sounds painful! Seriously, though, thank you for replying.
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Try buying one of those nose right tool. I have using that from 1months, now some people say my nose looks smaller.
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Thank you all for your wonderful advice. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time when getting ready on Friday to experiment with contouring but I shall certainly try it in future!
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What'd you end up doing? I would agree with @Lonnie32 regarding contouring. Using concealer down the front of your nose often helps.
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Consider getting an all over spray tan, and have them do your face as well. This just makes everything appear smaller. If you're going to an event, you won't have to wear hose or much makeup. Give it a try. You can also check out YouTube, for makeup, for nose contouring. Seeing this done real time, is better than any step by step we can give you here.
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Contour to create shadows to give yourself a smaller looking nose -
Using a darker shade of foundation than usual, apply two lines to the sides of your nose, at the width you would like your nose to be, and blend well
If you feel your nose is a bit too long, do the same to the bottom of your nose. Then take a lighter shade of foundation or powder than usual, and apply it down the middle of your nose, starting between your brows
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