How do i look?

I lost weith recently, summer is almost here. I need something fresh and vitalizing. New colour, haircut and make up. So How Do I Look now?
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Go girl! You can definitely see the lose in your face. Im loving the shorter length but would go for more of a choppy cut to add texture and height to the all over look .As for the color, I think a warm medium brown base with highlights would be very flattering on with your coloring.
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The hairstyle is very cute! It's a little harder to judge with the quality of the picture, but i think if you wore the same lipstick shade, it'd be really cute :)
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The make-up is not bad at all, but the picture leaves much to be desired, poor light or something, that is why there is an impression that the make-up is not very suitable (sorry for my English: I`m from Russia)
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change your sunglasses......and go for a nude lip color .......n chnge your hairstlye too .......
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