how do i convince my parents to let me wear makeup?

How do i convince my parents to let me wear makeup?

ive tried asking my parents if i can wear makeup they always say no. what should i do to convince them to let me wear it
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I think teen and tween parents should let us wear make up to prove our maturity even if its just a little mascara lip gloss eye shadow or even just blush maybe some skin products... I mean we are maturing at our age physicly and mentally we just have to prove them wrong when they were to young we can and we should a leat try it if they no just wait a couple of weeks or so mandar try it again but don't give if you aks them enough they'll give up and in the end we end up winning...

We are their little girls to them no matter our age or how mature we think we are and I can understand why they try to protect us so much but we need to prove that we are not babies anymore in order to get what we want...
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I'm 12 too, and I just asked my mom today by text message, and she said no to everything even a single coat of Mascara! I'm honestly starting to get really mad!! I've waited for a year like my mom said! Fast forward a year later... she ground me for asking her to just wear a little lip balm! And school starts in 2 DAYS!! And I'm nervous, can I have some guidance??
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Get a free counter makeup makeover at places like Macy's
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Get a free counter makeup makeover at places like Macy's
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if ur age is between 10-15 so ur parents r right that they r preventing u from makeup but if ur age is more than 15 then tell them about ur interest in makeup!!
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I had the same problem too. I'm now 12 and they even let me wear makeup to school. My advice is to not get into fights about it, show them that you are mature. Sit down and disciss it with your mum first (men don't, mainly dads, understand makeup) assure her that you only want to wear subtle makeup and that most younger teens wear it, so why should you be an exception?
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Tell you parents you are interested in makeup and want to try some for fun. Parents never go for "I need some to be more pretty". They are worried that you'll get bitten by the beauty bug and start thinking you need makeup all the time. They are also worried you growing up too fast. DON'T SAY EVERYONE ELSE WEARS MAKEUP. Emphasize the idea that you are curious and want to experiment for fun (whether or not that's the reason) I'm 13 myself and I wear makeup all the time and think it's really not a big deal. Actually my parents were (although not diehard) against it. Then one day I asked my mom about some makeup like things and she taught me how to put on mascara, eyeliner, ect. They still didn't let me wear it to school but the let me wear it too special events (like a flute concert) Then I asked to wear a little lipgloss. then mascara. And gradually I was allowed to wear makeup. Dont push too hard and try to gradually slip into full on makeup. Again tell them its not for other people or becuase other people wear makeup and it's not cuz you need it. EMPHASIZE THE FOR FUN PART.
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hey im 11 and i posted something like this. there are alot of answers that will probably help you out :D click here -->
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It just depends on how old you are and how much makeup you are wanting to wear. You can try to ask if you can start small with lip balm and maybe some mascara before delving into full-faced makeup.
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hope my advice helps you
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