How could I make my look better?

How could i make my look better?

I'm bored now with my look and I would like to change it but I've got no idea what to change. Please help me.
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Thank you all for being so fantastic and kind!
I've had a Makeover now. Go to my Profile to see it, I hope you'll like it as much as I do!
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I love your hair! You could try adding blond or reddish brown highlights! That would always look pretty! You could also try some dark red lipsticks, it will accent your beautiful smile!
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So that's you in the picture, not Eva?! Yes, you are twins!!! Your hair is gorgeous, I love it the way it is....I wouldn't change the style but you could add some chunky golden, (carmel) highlights. Your makeup is perfect, just experiment with some of the new bold colors for Spring! You are beautiful!
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Thank you all.
I look just like Eva Longoria. Im like her twin but not literally of course!
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Can you forward us a picture? Looks like that's Eva Longoria in profile picture? How long is your hair? You can always try some of the new bright eyeshadow colors for Spring. Bobbi Brown has an amazing new collection of coral and oranges. Give us a bit more info and we can help you!
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What kind of makeup do you wear now? I always like to experiment with different lip colors. :)
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I think you've got a great look! If you are seeking something different, I"d suggest cutting a few (4-5") inches off your length. Your hair is so sleek and shinny, I think you would really be able to pull off a longer version of the a-symmetrical bob. It looks like you almost have that style already. Focus more on removing length from the back and connect at an angle toward the front. I think this style would fall very flattering around your face. Angling your bangs a bit more would also help to revamp your style and remove excess weight.
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