How can I wear makeup that looks good on small eyes?

How can i wear makeup that looks good on small eyes?

I have small eyes that are not very round. What kind of makeup look can I go for that will make them look good, or not smaller? My eye color is also blue
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according to Charlie Green a celeb makeup artist: curl your lashes-when they bend up, your eyes widen. Then trace along lower inner lids with a pale beige eyeliner(black shrinks) and dust a shimmmery champagne shadow allong your upper lash line to illuminate your gaze.
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Try using brown/black instead of black mascara, which will give a much softer effect and make the eyes look slightly larger. Also, try not to overdo eyeliner as this does make the eyes look smaller. If you use eyeliner, outline the area around the eye instead of on the softv skin in the eye. Hope this helps! x
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Try silver or purple because it will make your blue eyes stand out as well :) Also, try applying eyeliner to the waterline of your upper lashline - technique is called tightlining.
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Good faith is right. Plus lashes! Plump those up and add liner to the top. And half of the bottom of the eye. This will give the illusion of the eye looking larger.
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Use a pearly white shadow and other light colors. This will bring your eyes out and make them appear bigger. Avoid darker colors.
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