How can i make myself look older

Im 17 turning 18 and im really short and quite skinny and i look really young for my age, any idea how i can make myself look a little older ?
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i think the mature behaving is crucial. you can try the elegant movements :) the main thing is to be natural though.
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You're gonna love looking young for your age when you're older! You could try a different hairstyle....take a few inches off the length, maybe shoulder-length. Try some fun wedges to give you some height and play around with your makeup. Play up your eyes and add a bronzed sun-kissed cheek and neutral lip. You are darling....enjoy looking young!
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Dress maturely, fake lashes, natural make up, but keep some young sense about you eg, your hair colour etc :D
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I have the same problem! I look like I'm a little child or something.. It's horrible. When I look to people of my age I feel very young, but I am not. I'm sorry but I can't help you, because I've the same question. One thing: Do not dress you to sexy to look older, because that's really wrong when you look younger..
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apply more makeup, especially mascara and eye shadow- oh and put more MATURE clothing on, not tops that show your belly. =)
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Fake lashes. Jewelry. Red lipstick. & by wearing clothing an older woman would wear-career woman attire.
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