How can I make my nose seem smaller?

How can i make my nose seem smaller?

I know this sounds stupid, but I'm really self-concious about it. I was wondering if anyone had any make-up techniques that they could share with me? thanks :)
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Use a medium bronzer on either side of your nose, this will make it like slimmer and dust some bronzer across the flat part of your nose and that should help give the illusion that it looks smaller:)
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Bronzer. Choose a bronzer, A couple of shades darker than your actual skin tone, and shade your nose from the sides. It'd make your nose seem smaller. Type, VenusAngelic on youtube. She does a really good makeup tutorial about it, and show's you how to shade your face and nose!:)
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Thank you! These answers are really helpful :)
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Thank you! These answers are really helpful :)
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You can do a little Highlighting and Contouring which is always fun! =)
You can use powder/concealer/foundation to do this. Regardless of what you use make sure the contour is a shade or two darker then your skin tone (bronzer will work) and the highlight be a couple shades lighter then your regular complexion color .
You will place the bronzer on either the side of your nose or where ever you want your nose to be "pushed in". I say "pushed in" meaning place the contour where you think you would like your nose to be thinner.
With the Highlight use the slightly lighter shade and place in a oval line done the center of your nose (or where ever the "problem" area is that you are wanting to correct)
The contour and highlight should touch each other. Remember this is an ILLUSION created with makeup. So, remember you want to keep this LIGHT and undetectable. The best way to see if you have done this correctly is take a picture of yourself straight on to the camera without makeup. Then do the same however take another picture of yourself once you have contoured and highlighted. Compare the two images side by side to see if you can see a difference.
Good luck and Contour the World! hehe =)
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Putting bronzer on each side of your nose helps to give the illusion of a more narrow nose and helps to thin it out. If you are worried that your nose is too narrow, lightly brushing a highlighting shade right down the center will help to give off a more wide (normal) bridge.
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