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How can i make my eyelashes look fake without being fake?

I don't want to keep up with fake eyelashes. I am looking for some Mascara that does not glob, but REALLY lengthens and separates nicely like my virtual makeover.
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I use my remington heated curlers which looks just like a mascara brush meaning you don't lose your eyelashes like many other curlers. This gives you volumous lengthened eyelashes although you don't notice the difference until you put a tiny bit of mascara on, i use my lancome mascara ( i forgot the name black and gold packaging) or benefit bad gal but a cheap mascara would probably do the same
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I would suggest using a mascara that contains a primer as well as a fiber enriched formula. These types of products really help to first prime your lashes, then helps to add length and width to the while stroking the wand through. You will be impressed at how "false" your lashes will appear. Just make sure to cover all the (usually white) primer over with dark mascara to avoid white spots left behind!
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Voluminous by l'oreal! It has false lash fibers in it which really do lengthen. I saw a real difference.
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There are a lot of great lash lengthing products out there, that would give you semi-permanent results of longer, stronger lashes. The company Mychelle has one on Amazon for around $40, and works really well. Who needs mascara? Hello long lashes, Good Bye smudges.
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Try Avon's Curlacious or super-curlacious mascara - really works for me! Only thing is if you live abroad from the UK I don't know if they have products in other countries :/ x
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