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How can i make my eyelashes longer without mascara?

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I've literally tried 3 different eyelash serums until I found xlash, which is not only price appropriate, but really giving results. I highly recommend it, as it's my new nightly beauty routine go-to for beautiful lashes. Check it out here.

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thank you all :D these are really good advice :)
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I know you said you don't want to use mascara, but there are actually mascaras that have something in it to help them grow, not just make them look longer.
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maybe vaseline grows lashes but its bad for you skin face after some years u ll be too old in face not because of age
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Apply vaseline to your lashes every night and in a few weeks you'll have beautiful and naturally grown long eyelashes.....but remember "every night nad rinse off in the morning" and also you need to have patience......Check out my article on How to grow your eyelashes naturally in the trends section.....hope i helped you...:)
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yeah thank you :D
the last advice is the best
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I use a product called Elastilash by Obagi that works really well. It's a treatment to use at night to help strengthen and lengthen the lashes. It takes a few weeks to show results but I've noticed my lashes longer. Latisse is another option, although a bit pricey. Loreal makes a Clear Lash Serum that conditions the lashes and maintains the strength. I highly suggest using an eyelash curler to help the lashes look longer.....Shiseido makes a good one. Hope this helps!
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