How can i make my eye makeup prominent with the glasses?

mmm,actually i wear glasses and whenever i wear eyeshadows ,i also put my glasses on and the makeup disappears..hahaha.i just wanna know should i change my glasses and get a frameless piece or make my eyes darker to give a better look!
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no you dont have to change anything just simply spray hairspray over your face because they will stick to the tiniest hairs that you have on your face therefor locks the eye shadow in, let me know if i was a help x
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I wear glasses as well, they a big black frame, and i use heaps of mascara and rim my eyes with kohl and smudge the liner out a bit, for eye shadow I use a beige shimmery color

I hope it helped
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It's all about dark liner and eye shadows. use those to enhance your eyes, and they'll instantly become more noticeable when you wear glasses!!
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u can put lends and then make up wouldnt be hidden
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oh wow,what an amazing answer!i love it!
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eyeliner and dark eyeshadows usually look best with glasses- but it also depends what ur glasses are like- tho i think when ur wearing glasses with makeup and look in a mirror u cant see much because of the reflection of the mirror on ur glasses. when u go to get some glasses put on ur fave eye makeup and then try them and see which looks best:)
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