How can i look good in school?

in school so many people are calling me ugly and I kind of feel feel left out because so many girls are prettier then me
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fnx every1
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Your are beautiful, don't listen to any1. When i was younger people used to call me buck teeth, don't listen 2 what they have 2 say. Children are very hurtful. The people who call you ugly are probally jealous or maybe trying to get your attention because they like you. For school i wold just put on a bit of mascara and lip gloss, you have flawless skin so you probally dont need any foundation mayb a bit of blusher. Hope this helps. Dont listen to them your soo pretty
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Do not let them convince you of something that is not true. You are beautiful, anyone could see that, people just seem to enjoying picking on other to feel better about themselves. I would go with a nice side bang. That will give you a new look without completely changing your look and I'm sure you will be the talk of the school with your fun new side swooping bangs!
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I love the red hair in your profile pic it really suits you and brings out your eyes!I think that is horrible that anyone would call someone else ugly and you are far from ugly your a very pretty girl!Anyone that calls someone else ugly has deep insecurities of their own and want to make other's feel bad about themselves too!i think that people with dark colored skin alwaz look great because they have so little to do with their skin/eyes etc cos your eyes already look massive and really stand out and you are very natural!I am not a make up artist I'm just an ordinary girl like you but I think you would have to wear very natural make up and very little to accentuate the features that you already have!I love your eyes!:)Also have you ever tryed wearing your hair wavy?I think it would look great and a side fringe would look lovely too!:)
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You are darling!!! I was going to suggest side bangs but it looks like you have them in your profile picture...they look great. Try some new makeup....a berry lip gloss would look so pretty on you. Curling your eyelashes and applying some black mascara can really open and brighten the eyes. You have pretty features, play them up a bit!
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FYI far from ugly! You have great features and can play that up too. Try using warm tones on the skin. I would only pick 3 items to use. Lip gloss, blush and mascara! Quick easy and complimenty for your features. Do you normally wear makeup? Also you have a nice length to you hair and change change your look daily just by trying new styles
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your rlly pretty :)

just put on a confident smile make your hair rlly nice add some accesories thrs not much cos ur already gawwjj xx
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I know that must be very hurtful to you, but those people who are calling you that, are doing so out of immaturity. If there is a teacher at school you like, tell them you're being picked on, so they can keep an eye on the situation. If the kids are actually bullying you, that has to be stopped. The teen years are hard for everyone, and you need to find a place to put your focus, so all that stuff seems less important. Find a hobby or develop a skill. You will make friends that share your interests. I wouldn't know how to advise you to look good in school, I think you're already so darling-& I mean that!!!
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student (school sucks)
In her late teens from united kingdom,london

Dark brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, mohagany medium (shoulder) wavy hair
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