How can i get him to notice me? Please help?

How can i get him to notice me? please help?

I need make-up and/or hair ideas to get a guy i like to notice me. But i need it really subtle Eg, not bright blue eyeshadow or red lipstick. Any ideas?
I have shoulder lengthe blonde hair, green eyes and pale-ish complexion.
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Hope this gives you an idea on what sort of makeup. Good Luck! x
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Ok thanks you guys! He already likes me a bit, i think, cos he's always cheeky around me, but i'm gonna try these tips and see how it goes! =P
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okay so i put this makeover together,(dont look very good on model but its really pretty in real life)
light brown/ goldish eyeshadow
foundation (do not cake it)
light pink (u could go a little brighter if you like it better)
light brown/ soft pink blush (or not any)
mascara (as much a u like)
and a little brown or black eyeliner on the bottom waterline to make your eyes stand out and be defined.
all types of braids are great especially the fishbone braid (in picture)
i use this look and its really pretty... i have brown hair and green/hazel eyes.
otherwise straighten your hair... and maybe think about getting a front fringe or a fringe like Lacey Schwimmer.
I use this look for school to get people to notice the pretty me without going over the top.... HOPE THIS HELPS!! :)
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if you are trying to get him to notice you i dont think wearing a lot of makeup is the answer because most guys prefer natural beauty. i think you should be yourself and like goodfaith said flat iron your hair or even better, crinkle it and wear something nice and then just talk to him.
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I forgot...Smile and make eye contact. Bake him so yummy cookies for Halloween!!!
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I would apply a shimmery bronze powder, to warm up your complexion and a nude lip gloss. Flat iron your hair & wear a nice skirt.
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