How can i be more feminine ?

please take my images and make them over ! I want red hair but I am a blonde and my hubby is kind of against it. Though last night he admitted it looks great on my pics. I know nothing about concealers and stuff because I never wanted to look cakey and I am extremely pale. SO please, have at it and give me some recommendations. Thanks
p.s. I do have LONG eyelashes and I am goth with long hair.
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Your profile picture is beautiful, this one looks like you just murdered someone and are trying not to laugh maniacallly about it :)

Hereeessss JOHNNY
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Hi, classic ivory true mineral by l'oreal I too have pail skin and this is a beautiful cover, not heavy at all..As for the goth part I would go for a dark brown round the eyes..I also use a eyeliner pencil just to add colour to my brows and to add hair does suit pale skin but can look crappy when growing out so choose a red nearest to your colour and they do wash out fast! auburn would look nice :) hope this is some good advice x
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well some bronzer never hurts and blending is key when make up is too cakey u are blessed with pale skin so i suggest use a translusent powder to brighten the complexion without adding too much on. actually goths wear alot of makeup to look edgy so try that
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You should make your hair very wavy and layer it from the first layer being right at your bottom of your nose. Maybe some caramel highlights would look very pretty. Add a little yellow eye shadow on the ends to work with the caramel highlights, and with this look add more gloss then stick. The gloss should be shiny, not glittery, therefore the colors with not all blend by making the shiny hair collide with the sparkly lip gloss. I can't find the right unique makeover options to look like how I described it, but I hope this helps.
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In her 20's from Arlington Texas

Blue eyes, sensitive fair skin, strawberry blonde very long (mid-back) straight hair
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