How can I apply Eyeshadow without it all smudgeing on my face?

How can i apply eyeshadow without it all smudgeing on my face?

When I apply eyeshadow, ( powder ) It all goes under my eye, and when I rubb it to get it off it smudges?
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If you get fallout from your eyeshadow, use a fan brush to lightly sweep it off your face. Some eyeshadows have less fallout than others. Also, a good primer will help the shadow stick to your lids.
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i use primer to help it stick to lids and I always put my eyeshadow on before the rest of my makeup so any falling product doesnt ruin my foundation.another trick is to use eye collegen patches as your appling mascara. again before face makeup good luck :)
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I think you should try eyeshadow pencils they last much longer than powder eyeshadow and are very easy to use. They also don't smudge as much as powder eyeshadow :)
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Tap or blow on your brush because it sounds like you have too much eye powder on your brush and it's falling. Also, do your eye makeup first rather than after your face makeup.
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One thing that many celebrities do, is apply powder underneath the eyes before starting your eye makeup. Use a loose powder like translucent powder or baby powder will work. Now apply your shadow like you normally would, and when you are done dust away (do not rub) the powder and eyeshadow fallout.
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Well from what I've learned from my fellow Taaz-ers, eye primer is the key! I've had a makeover done when primer was used and it's great because it doesn't smudge or crease and keeps the color staying on longer. Many brands are also making tinted primers now so you can have the primer and color in one product.
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