Hey, should I wear red lipstick or red gloss?

Hey, should i wear red lipstick or red gloss?

I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and my dress is cream with purple embroidered flowers. I'm going to wear red lipstick but it seems to bright for my dress and was wandering if maybe a gloss or stain would be better?? thanks xx
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I would recommend a lipstain because it won't smudge like a lipstick or feel sticky like a lip gloss. Also, many are guaranteed to last 6 to 12 hours.
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weddings.. i would definitely wear a matte color balm with a stain red lipstick. If the dress is more modern, I would apply a small amount of clear gloss to add more of a shimmer than a 'shine'.
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You can wear your red lipstick but use a neutral liner first and apply a nude/beige gloss over the red lipstick to tone it down. The lipstick will give you better staying power throughout the evening. MAC "Spice" liner is a good one to use. Fill in the entire lip area and apply the red lipstick over it.
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I would honestly say it depended on the shade of purple. If a deeper purple or indigo like shade red lipstick all the way with a clear gloss to add shine. One thing you also have to keep in mind is whether or not your vintage or not. Because sometimes if the look of a dress or outfit is more subtle and soft and girlie then it isnt wise to go with a bold red lip. You can make the outfit more bold though by adding a nice leather jacket, white or some light color. You can also add an intense shoe, and then no matter what i believe you could pull off the red lipstick. Accessories matter!!!!! lol :-)
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Yes, bright colors are very in this summer but, I think, not on this kind of occassions...I'd rather use gloss or stain. Remember: if your lips color is not very bright you can play more with your eyes makeup and intensify your gaze :)
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A stain would be good, but I think a pink would be better with the dress. Remember, the attention should be on the bride. (Just look at the lips for the color I'm thinking of).
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