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would I suit with black hair?SAlso I have really high cheek bones but I don't know how to highlight them properly plus I can't afford really expensive make up!:/ I was wondering if anyone can offer some simple make up tips for dis?I also have really big eyes and they are almond shape I tink so I was wondering how to highlight them also using simple products as I find sometimes wen I use eyeliner around my whole eye it looks weird!Are there any tips/colors I can use for my shape and also for a night time look?I av dark green eyes!Would be great if someone cud answer all of the questions above!:)
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Can I actually ask you what color is this in the pic below?I really like it!:)
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Thanks soooooooo much!:)
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Black would look nice on you but I would go with more of a darkest brown if dark is what your going for. Black tends to really have a harsh look and may make you look washed out since you are so fair. It would however make your eyes pop more. As for the makeup try a smudging liner pencil! These are great because it allows you to soften the line rather than wearing such a bold pronounced look. Good luck!
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I am the Taaz Esthetician, so I'll let one of the makeup artists answer about the highlighting techniques. Navy mascara, dark blue & charcoal/silver shadows will work nice on your coloring. Either a natural lip color that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip color or a sheer red tint. Look at the pic I attached/you want to apply the makeup with an easy touch:
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