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Good foundation with good coverage for my feckles and darkj circle under my eyes?

I am looking for a great, not so expensive foundation and concealer to cover up my freckles and some concealer for my dark under eye circles, Something that will look natural, not cakie, if any of you reading thing please help me and anything else you think that I might need.....Thanks <3
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Like @GoodFaith said below, Bare Minerals foundation can be used as both concealer and foundation. So you'll save money by only buying one product.
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Thanks you, any other beauty secrets, for me, I have been through a LONG and VERY abusive relationship, and want to feel better about myself, I want to feel the way about myself that I felt not so long ago,,,please help.....Oh and by the way the picture is not my real hair as you may already know but yaaaa Thanks new beauty tip friend! >3...something to make me pop, and have to guys looking about me again!
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First, I would suggest you apply a layer of face sunless tanner. This will blend your dark circles/freckles, so they're less noticeable. Then I would use
I would blend a couple of layers of their mineral foundation with a kubuki brush. It looks natural, not cakey-& it feels light & airy on the skin. So, give this a try.
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