why do people make themselfs orange when other people just make their selfs right xx
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Usually the orange look comes from people who are fake tanning, but if the foundation is making skin orange, then a lighter color is a better option. Really though, when choosing a foundation, it should go with the rest of your skin tone so it doesn't look like there's a separation between the neck and face. A good way to get started with the right shade is to use the Makeover tool on an uploaded photo of you. It gives you colors and brands to try.
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Go for foundations that are more yellow-based...they tend to oxidize less orange of a color so your complexion doesn't have that unnatural cast to it!
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I think it's really about blending and not wearing too too too much foundation, ya know?
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Maybe they didn't buy the correct shade, that can happen when buying drugstore foundation because you can't test it first. That's just 1 thought!
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They might be using a summer foundation, and their skin is lighter at the moment.
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