foundation and getting rid of redness.

Foundation and getting rid of redness.

I have combination skin and there is a little redness on my face how do i get the right foundation and get rid of the redness?
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This is because you are quite fair like me, our capillaries are close to the skin, and because our skin is near translucent the blood vessels can be seen through it. When you go to sleep, your heart slows, and less blood is being pushed to the face, but when you wake up, blood flow increases to the skin. Many people only experience this after showers, as cold spots. There is a few things you can do, which includes icing your face after you wash it gently. There is also this wonderful aloe lotion that Biore sells that you put on at night, it helps to relax the skin, and dull reddening. If your like me this is worst in winter when we're not getting enough sun, I also have a huge problem with being able to see my blue veins through my skin. Both problems are solved by getting a slight tan, it darkens the skin, which makes the effect of seeing the blood vessels less dramatic. Now for the girlie stuff, when your picking your makeup next time, I'm going to say that you are a porcelain ivory, the foundations that match you often have a fair amount of pink in the base. If you go to shoppers and ask the counter girls they can lead you to a foundation which will match you, but will have a slight green base to it. That way it cancels out the red, same principle as green concealer sticks for breakout areas, and yellow sticks for purple bags under the eyes. Hope this helps!
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Concealers with a yellow or green tint, and liquid foundations with a yellow base, will help neutralize redness and even out skin tone. This works probably because the green or yellowish tint balances and thus cancels out the redness.
Cucumber: The high water content of this vegetable, and the vitamins it contains, make it a calming ingredient.Ginger: This root may help soothe your stomach and your skin. King recommends using ginger as a topical treatment to treat inflammation, redness, and irritation.Licorice root extract: This natural ingredient has soothing properties.
Rose extract: Rose extract is an effective remedy for rosacea.
White tea extract: A cousin of green tea, white tea is even more potent in fighting redness

ya i did some research, my BFF's sister has the same problem!!
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It sounds like you might be allergic to a product you're already using. Try simplifying your routine-less is more. I would recommend using mineral foundation.
The minerals allow the skin to breathe and this is probably the best thing for you.
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