For heavey drag makeup,is it best to use expensive products ??

im a drag kinda girl,i adore dramatic makeup,but is it best for the cheap stuff,or is expensive the way to go for this style
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Since it's drag and dramatic makeup, you're less likely to wear it often, and for that reason, you should definitley get the cheaper stuff.
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No you don't have to buy the expensive stuff. In fact, NYX Cosmetics is super affordable, super dramatic, and they're the official makeup line for RuPaul's Drag Race! Elf also has some great eye shadow palettes - you know the one with tons of colors! How fun!
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Theatrical makeup its always best to have the quality there for color choices, and lasting wear. So yes I would invest in the makeup. Have you work on drag make up before? Its fun, and the payoff of the overall look is amazing!
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You can certainly buy less expensive products that will still give you a dramatic look! MAC has fabulous colors/pigment but you can also find good fun colors at the drugstore! Wallgreens is a great place to check, as well as ULTA.
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