Falsies during the day time???

Okay ladies!! what's your opinion on wearing false eye lashes during the day?... AND can you recommend any for almond shaped eyes if your agree with it??
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For daily casual wear I say no. If there is a special occasion like a fancy lunch date or something then maybe its ok but I feel they are more for night time use special occasion accessory. As for almond eyes, I love #46 Red Cherry. They are so natural looking and run on the longer side so the frame lids perfectly on an almond shape.
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Thank you for the responses!! Ill be taking a trip to mac soon im looking for more fuller look but not so dramatic during the day
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yes i like to wear falsies during the day- but i'd prefer natural looking ones for everyday use
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Of course you can wear false eyelashes during the day! My recommendation for false eyelashes is always MAC.....they have several to choose from and they can show you how to put them on.
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In my opinion anything goes if it boosts your confidence and makes you feel pretty. I personally would save the lashes for those special occasions when I want to WOW everyone. If you wear false lashes on a daily basis where do you go from there to dress it up? I have a friend who wears false lashes and heavy smokey eyes everyday, even at the pool. It kind of looks ridiculous in certain situations but hey, she feels secure and pretty so it's none of my business. if you want to wear false lashes get the individual ones and apply them right on the end of your eye. It will open them up without using the entire thick band.
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