Eyeshadow colors.

I have vibrant blue eyes, and at the moment, i use brown and tan eyeshadow. What color best suits my eye color?
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Here are the demos I promised in my last answer ^^

Enjoy ;)
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I think that a light blue, neutral colours; browns, creams etc., would look really flattering on you. Blue eyes can also do particularly striking smoky eyes, so black, silver and white would also be pretty cool :)

I'll do a demo for you later but right now the internet and ads are being weird so I'll upload later ;)
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You are right on with the browns and tans for your baby blues! I also love using bronze, gold, copper and even silvery grays for my blue eyes. A few colors I love to use are:
**MAC Woodwinked
**MAC Satin Taupe
**MAC Amber Lights Frost, (a great bronze shade)
**BareMinerals Cabana
Stick with the brown and gold tones to really make your eyes "pop".
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mix of gold and brown it will be good !! :)
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Try Golds, bronzes and silvers. Try mineral based shadows from
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