Eye Shadow application for Deep Set Eyes

Eye shadow application for deep set eyes

Im having real trouble with my Eye makeup Application, I have deep set eyes so u can't see my crease at all when my eyes are open plus i don't have a lot of space between my crease and browbone and my eyes are round and small...I want help with where to place my eyehadows so i get a lovely blended effect i usally like to use two eyeshadow colours above my crease but just can't get that lovely transision and blended effect, Also ive tried using Mac brushes but don't like them, Ive been told i should use a small tapered blending brush can u recommend one please. Thanks sooooooooo much!! Jo xx
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The trick is to apply a shimmery pearl colored shadow highlight; right under your brows. Check out the YouTube. There are tons of how-to makeup videos on eye makeup.
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