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Hey guys havn't been on dis in ages so glad to be back!:) Have the most annoying problem and people are probaby going to give out to me for even complaining about this but I find it a problem!I'm Irish and have dark green eyes and pale skin and am currently a brunette...I got tired of the overly red hair!:D My eyes are too big...and I wear very little eye make up and still they look too big!I av a sorta almond/roundish shape not really sure how to describe dem!They are the first ting ppl compliment me on and get alot of attention for them, my friends envy me for dem but I hate dem!I wish they were smaller!Any make up tips to make dem smaller and col suggestions too!thanx :) My pic will give u an idea but from front angle der even bigger :D
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Ok so what you can do to make them appear smaller [coming from experience of feeling the same way about my eyes i've learned a few tricks to give them the illiusion of being smaller] what you can do is put some liner on the inner area of you water line and on the top waterline (if you can do that; some people cant do it cause it freaks them out) add some black liner on the top and use some shadow that closely resembles your skin tone On your lid, Slightly Above your crease [go with a color with a Red base to it.. like a rust color; like some thing similar to what you have underneath your eyes in this picture or a rusty purple kind of color; it will bring out your beautiful green eyes] and apply a dark brown at the outer corners of your eyes and slightly blend it into the crease color and put some white on your brow bone. then add a little mascara.. just to really give everything a kick :)
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Thanks everyone for all the advice!:) It's not that I hate my eyes I do like them I just wanted to make them appear not sooooooo big sometimes like more sexy looking for nights out and that!:D I am also pretty happy with how I look obviously everyone has things that they wish they could change or alter slightly but I don't have a problem with my eyes other then the fact that they can look too big sometimes and I wish I could get some advice with make up etc as I havn't a clue when it comes to eye make up..when I try things out it just doesn't come out right but I guess I gotta keep trying!:DThanks to everyone who complimented my eyes I am happy with the color of them for some reason people seem to love green eyes!:D @ depressed girl I think brown or hazel eyes are lovely I wouldn't mind having that color ha I guess we alwaz like wat we don't have!:O I am also letting my eye brows grow out too as I shaped dem myself so I want to get them done properly! This pic is from a while back my image has changed a bit since dis for the better I tink...dis was jus me messin around with make up, it's not how I do my make up for everyday or night time!Thanks for all the nice comments I'll def take this stuff on board and try it out!Thanks again guys!:)
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well first of all stop hating something that is so pretty on you.If you want them to seem smaller just put dark eye pencil or eye liner without exteding the line like youve done in the picture
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If you want your eyes to appear smaller, line the inner rims with eyeliner and smudge outwards with eye shadow of a similar color. Also, I hate to sound old and boring, but you should learn to love and accept what you've got. Life's too short to take your looks so seriously.
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Not ganna help much buuuut I LOVE YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!! just scream that while reading <3
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