Do you like this type of makeup on me?

I dont usually wear makeup this dark but was wondering if you like this look on me? (pic is 2mths old i am platinum blond now)
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thanks to everybody :) my bf said this is too dark for me to ever wear and he said im pretty already but i didn't exactly beleive him i felt it made me prettier but I think I was just trying to "Hide" my face as I sometimes don't feel pretty enough thank you all..I love taaz :) everybodies tips are great too so if i do do this look again i will come back to this for help :) JaZzi xo
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@delucaveronica Il mio italiano non è che grande. credo che si potrebbe usare alcuni.
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in my opinion if you like it keep it.
but in mine, you should have less make up on! it will show more of your natural prettiness! (:
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No....nè l'ombretto,nè il rossetto.....è troppo .
O si truccano di più le labbra o gli occhi
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I really like the eyes.....I would do a softer, more neutral color lip and add a touch of bronzer to your cheeks. Very pretty though!
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You look beautiful, but you can try going a bit lighter because you're so naturally beautiful! Great picture!
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I think it's a little bit too much with blond hair. Maybe a more natural color on your lips would be better
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if i wore make up i woul look wrong because i look yonge for my age but u look allright
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it looks great but you shouldnt use heavy make up all the time x
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wife/mutha/amateur makeup
In her 30's from australia

Blue eyes, normal light skin, platinum short wavy hair
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