Do i look like a woman in this photo?

Despite the hair and the moustache, di you think I would pass like a woman if a used this make-up combination in public?
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definitely the brows, more natural rosey blush and less on the eyes (blue, maybe eyelash extensions
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Your brows look great thinned out!
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You could possibly pass for a woman if you used the contour & highlight technique (i added a picture) to shape your face to make it appear smaller & perhaps more feminine. Thinner eyebrows would help with the look your trying to acheive. You have some of Lea Michel's features, try and do your makeup like her. Hope this helps, good luck!
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I thined my eyebrows and used one lighter shade, I think I look better, thanks :)
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Remake :)
nope; you still look manly, but you'd almost definitely pass as a trans-gender type person
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I think you need to thin the eyebrows just a bit. The blush is too pinky, try 1 shade deeper or add a touch of bronzer. I'm not sure if you will "pass" as a woman because of the structure of your face but you will no doubt look very pretty!
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I agree with @katquinnk. The eye makeup and lipstick look good though. You could also shape your eyebrows into a more feminine style by tapering it in the outer corners. I like how you're not afraid to be yourself :)
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I think if you used a matte bronzer that was about 3 shades darker than your skin tone you can contour youf face to create more of a feminine shape to your face. You can also highlight you face in some area also. You can find information on contouring online.
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