Do blue eyes (like mine) look good on brown eye shadow?

i tried it once and i was kinda impressed! (bad pic of me btw. (: )
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Blue eyes look wonderful with brown shadow! The contrasts make your eye color pop! I love your hair as well! It's so straight and shiny :).
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Definitely! The "opposites attract" concept really works when it comes to eyes! (And by the way, you're beautiful!)
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I think medium browns and grey color look great on people with blue eyes. They are very complimentary to the tonality and soft so it doesn't overwhelm or end up too dark. I like the eye makeup in the picture. Do you have a soft brown on here?
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yes! brown eyeshadow is a pretty versatile color and can be used on almost everyone. A deep warm brown will really bring out your eye color!
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Definitely! However, there are many shades of brown eyeshadows and all have different undertones to them. For beautiful blue eyes like yours I would suggest using a brown that is more on the Red side.
Since your eye's are blue you should always try to enhance them with the makeup you choose. Color Theory proves that complementary colors enhance each other and according to the color wheel Orange compliments blue best. This is why blue always stands out when you wear golds,reds, coppers (anything close to orange.
I have attached a color wheel; for complementary colors look straight across the color wheel to see what colors look best next to each other.

The way I remember this best is...
BO- Blue- Orange
Green/Red- Christmas Colors
Yellow/Purple- Easter Colors
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Color Wheel.
yes i have green eye and i love it, i think it is a colour than look great on everybody !!
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I would use bronzes and golds for blue eyes.
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