cannot upload image?

Cannot upload image?

help me guys from 3 to 6 days i cannot upload pictures i have complained to taaz 5 times but no response please help me guys ! ! !!
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nothing is helping guys!!!!
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nothing is helping guys!!!!
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I have found once that an image didn't upload, and I think it was the file format, so first try uploading maybe something off google with a different filetype (e.g. change from jpg to bitmap). Also, I sometimes find that if I upload a large file, it will say it has finished uploading and ask me to indicate the facial features, but the image doesn't appear.. so I exit that and click on the uploaded image from the 'start makeover page. Hope that helps! ... And if you have tried complaining then maybe consider complaining once more, but explain at what stage of upload you have the problem and in more detail, so Taaz might be able to work out what's wrong, as your question here is very vague..
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