Can you make me prettier?

Can you make me prettier?

every time i do my makeup or my hair i don't really think i look pretty. Can someone please tell me how i should do my hair and makeup to look pretty?
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Oh my goodness, honey you are pretty, dont ever think your not. What you can do for make up make up apply a color resembiling closest to your skin tone on your lid, Next apply a Warm gold (almost like an orange gold) slightly above your crease) this color will bring out your eyes! put some white shadow on your brow bone. One thing that can make a Big difference is either thinking about waxing or tweezing for your eye brows; But make sure to get them done professionally but just to get them cleaned up in the middle of the brows and slightly at the begining. You have beautiful brows.
Put some liner on the inner water line and apply on top lid near lash line [not too thick though you look beautiful with out all that crap] and a little bit of mascara would look cute. Lastly try out some bronzer :). I like your hair straight but you could always do something fun and flip out the hair in different directions like pic #1 or #2.
Also if you ever think about changing the color i REALLY think you should try like a darker copper color! think that would look gorgeous on you!! :) [pic#3 and pic#4]
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You look beautiful. Honest. But, possibly a better haircut.
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U are pretty hun. But my suggestion is natural make up woks best on u, with a bit of a pink lip, and I love ur hair dark. Hope tht helps :) xox
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Thank you all i've taken your advice and heres what i came up with. :D tell me what you think.But i dyed my hair light brown
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The new me
Firstly you look great with or without make-up and if you really want to look even better a natural fresh make-up is best for you
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thank you all for answering.So much,such wonderful comments. <3
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If you don't feel pretty (which you are) Try maybe curling the ends of your hair a little I think that would look nice on you with a lighter pink lipstick... Little things make all the difference.
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Personally, I think you look gorgeous. You look especially cute with straight hair. Try some natural makeup, cuz that's all you really need :)
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