Can someone please help me with color anaylsis

I am soo confused. I need help figuring out my best colors and my style, and my look thank you?
I know its best to have a baby picture because it shows your orignal coloring etc.
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I really like your hair color and cut....the bangs look great on you. You could try some deep mauves, plums, golds, bronzes for your eye color. Stick with black or deep brown liner and mascara. For lips, try deep berries or a red with a blue undertone such as Fashion Fair lipstick in Siren.
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Got it! Sorry I didn't completely understand your question the first time. From one Briana to another (lol) as for your face shape, its hard to really tell with the bangs but it appeared more on the round side. Im loving the bangs but you may want to angle them a tad bit more for a more exaggerated swoop and to open up the forehead to enhance the more oval shape. I would recommend to add some more face framing layers beginning at the high cheekbone area to give off a more narrow effect. You may even want to add some nice warm caramel or red highlight and keep them more for accent making sure not to overwhelm your beautiful base color. As for your eyes, they are perfectly almond in both shape and color. As for make up stick to bronzes, golds and coppers to accentuate your natural specks and skin tone. I hope this was more helpful! XOXO
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@Briana is right below. You have naturally tan skin with warm, golden undertones! Do you need help picking foundation or more eye/lip/blush colors?
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You have great warmth to your skin giving off a very exotic feel. Your skin color almost looks as if you had native american in your blood line. It gives off a very pretty natural glow. Im jealous!
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well i am bt tht doesnt mean i dont need color analysis
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In her 20's

Brown eyes, normal dark to deep skin, dark middy very curly hair
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