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Black hair? what do you think?

I have natural light ash blonde hair but recently i have been wanting a change what do you think of me with black hair? Honest Opinion Please!!
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I think the black kinda overwhelms your complexion because your skin is really really light. :/
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no,not at all.i think the black will give you a totally artificial look.if you want a change,go for brownish shades or you can try on wigs...
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You are very fair in your complexion. In my opinion black is entirely too dark for you. I would suggest a medium brown instead. Black hair for my ruddy complexion is too dark for me, and you are a lot fairer than I am. I have a couple of makeovers - black which I call "Mortis" (masculine form of Morticia of the Adams family) and a strawberry blond makeover. -- John
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Black Hair - Mortis  (Masculine form of Morticia of Adam's Family)
Strawberry Blond Carrie Underwood Style
I think its a tad bit harsh against your coloring. I would go with a dark brown instead and make sure it had both natural and warm tones to not clash with your features. Another thing to be aware of if you do decide to go with the black as planned, it kind of creates a reverse Ombre style when the regrowth starts to come in. This will look lighter at the roots and dark at the ends which is not a flattering look on anyone! It can tent to appear as though you are thinning or even balding with a natural light color such as yours. Your maintenance would be pretty high to stay on top of this to avoid any regrowth being able to be seen. I wouldn't recommend it! It will also make it really hard to remove whenever you are ready for a new look.
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its nice but if i was u i would got a big lighter xx
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I think this is too dark for your coloring.....a light brown would look nice on you, maybe something closer to the pic attached.
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if you want to be brunette I would recommend you to dye you eyebrows in the same colour .
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I would suggest medium-dark brown instead.
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