Are there makeup tricks for noses?

My nose was broken years ago and now has a big dent across it. Are there any tricks to help hide the dent and make it appear more straight?
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Here's how you do it:

1. Shrink you nose with concealer. Run a fine line of concealer down the bridge of your nose and use a slightly darker shade along the sides of it.
2. Blend well. These lines need to be fine enough that no one can detect them.
3. Set your nose makeup with a thin layer of powder to keep it in place and to avoid it sweating it off gradually.
That's all :-)
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i would highly reccomend going to YouTube and looking for contouring videos. They will really help. let me know what you do =)
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put bornzer and foundation but not toooo much as you will look like a ghost!!
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Get a thin powder brush and get a bronser and lightly dab it in the powder. Then you lightly brush it on the sides of your noise to take a thinner effect .
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Something similar happened to my friend's daughter, & she used a device called www.nosemagic.com which is small device you wear to bed at night; that reshapes the cartilige over time. She had success with it, but if you don't- it's 100% money back guaranteed & I think it's under $20. You could also fill in the dent with several layers of primer, and then some powder or foundation over it. Another thing-don't over stress this, it's more noticeable to you than anyone else.
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yes absolutely... you could put a slightly darker concealer on the sides of the nose where the dent shows, then you put a slightly lighter color right down the bridge of your nose almost down to the tip, blend a liittle you could even use somethng with a slight shimmer to it down the bridge so it will apperar straight!
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You can contor it. You take a flat foundation brush, and a color that is similar, but dark to your own skin. Apply and outline your nose to make it appear smaller. You can find videos on youtube that will show you how to better do so
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