Would this hair style suit me!?

Yes its a doll ;)
but I was creating the hair and decided I really liked it too.. so the question is.... would this hair colour and cute suit me?
I am curvy girl with big blue eyes and I do my eyeliner like Marilyn , or a 50s punk most days...
if you go to my photos you can see my face shape and such! :) thanks a bunch girls!
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This is a great was to show expression! I love it. Change is fun and can be fashion forward too. Have you played with bright colors in your hair before? I always like to mention that the red tones are a bit of high maintenance but the pay off of the overall look is great! Nice choice!
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The bangs are different, I like the creativity of a color block in them. If your hair is naturally curly, know that you will have to straighten the bangs out to achieve this style. As for the color selection, because of how you describe your style, I think this would be very suiting on you! Make sure to post before and after shots one you make the change.
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I actually think this would look really pretty, if the bangs were slightly thinner and the rest of the hair were straight.
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Im 15 , 16 in july.
I dont really want side bangs cause ive had them already. I want something new.
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this cut is really awesome...My friend has this cut but go for side bangs instead and as said by @rorygautsche try to merge the bangs using both the colors.....
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What is your age? What type of job do you work in?

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It's very edgy and fun and I'm sure you can rock this look. What about having the bangs red and black instead of all red? Make it "piecey" looking with both colors.....just another idea! Very cool!
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* Ive had my hair these colours before - but not the cut..
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