Would red hair like Ariana Grande look good on me

Would red hair like ariana grande look good on me

So im really into doing crazy things to my hair. Ive been blonde, brown, & i had black underneath, plus i had blue & purple in my hair. But i really wanna go red. Im a natural blonde i have freckles , brown eyes, & brown eyebrows but i still dont know if the red hair would look bad with my freckles.
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No one except a celebrity would be able to pull of such an unnatural, fake color without looking like they just got out of the circus.
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If you still aren't sure use a picture of you on the makeover section . In case you haven't or don't know how to , Just click on the 'MAKEOVER' thingy beside 'MY PROFILE' Just bring your mouse on top of it & it should show 'start my makeover' then just click on it . Click hair , colour your own hair , & there you go . Hope it turns out good for you !
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Red tones are fun but you have to adjust tones in clothing, makeup and even brows. If that is something you are able to do, then I say go for it.
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Natural redheads usually have freckles! That will make this color very natural on you. If you have freckles, Im sure red would suit you just fine. For a more accurate read, post a picture along with your inquiry.
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Have you tried to use the makeover section on this site.
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