Would Ombre hair look good on an Indian?

Would ombre hair look good on an indian?

I really really want ombre hair! I have black long hair and I dont like it anymore, Im light light brown (skintone) and dark brown eyes , my face is sort of a circle shape.. This is something I wanted forever but I never thought it would look good on me. Or should I get the natural ombre (brown to blondish brown) or my black hair colour to light red ?
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I think so! Just be sure not to go way too light at the tips and really do a subtle gradient from dark to light!
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I was thinking about this

I think its cute and would look great on my hair!
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LOL , im not 80 , im 13 , :)
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yes definitly it would look gud on an indian .......include some lighter shades in your hair..........
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I dont think you should go extreme like you are describing, but I think ombre would look great! Try going from your natural black hair to medium brown. Just to see how you like it. From the description you gave yourself I dont think blonde at the tips would look as great as medium brown. One last thing, your profile says you are in your 80's (age) but your pictures doesn't look that way. So if you are in your 80's DO NOT get ombre hair, but if you are younger than 30 (30 is still pushing it), maybe under 20 is good. I hoped this helped!!!!!!!!
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I would definitely recommend keeping your darker base, perhaps just depositing tone to it for a slight change. As for the end color, red, copper, light brown or caramel are all good options. You can also work your way through the color spectrum with every visit for maintenance to explore and try our several different shades and tones. Good luck and make sure to post after pics!
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In her 90's

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