Would i suit red hair?

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i think a red tone is flattering on you however, I would suggest going a bit deeper and darker with the target level. This will really help to allow beautiful red hues to show through with undertones rather than being too bright and predominant. The makeup that @RubyDenise suggest are much more complimentary with your features and coloring for this shade of hair.
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I think the red looks nice with your coloring....I would deepen it a bit though. Try a more neutral lip and eye color.
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Yes I think that the red looks great on you. Be careful with red lipsticks though. You don't want your hair and lips to be competing.
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when i 1st saw the photo i thought it was ur natural! yeah it suits ya x
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I think you look great . That red hair really brings out your fair complexion . But try to use lighter make-up when you dye your hair red . Thick makeup don't really go well with red hair in a way .
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i'd opt for kind of cold tone for you but not red. rather brawn.
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You could always ask your hairdresser for a red gloss first and see if you like it. It rinses out over a month, so if you don't really like it-you're not stuck with it.
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I really like the way red color looks against your skin tone. I would deepen the tonality just a tad to reduce the brightness. Your current tones will become the undertones and the base will have just a tad more neutral in it eliminating unwanted brassy tones.
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