Would i look good with blonde hair with some brown in it?

I want to dye my hair blonde but still have some light brown around my head still?
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Maybe vice versa? Dye it lighter brown with some blonde highlights. I'm just worried it might make you looked washed out with too light of hair.
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i really like your current color so I think leaving some out would be a good idea. For your skin tone, Id go no lighter than a dark beige blond if you are even able to lift the current dark base out. Normally when lifting out darker bases from the hair, it tends to pull warm and brassy. Because of this, you may not be able to get to your goal as for the tine and level on the blond.
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im sorry but, no
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I like your hair the way it is.. I think if you put maybe some blonde highlights in it and incorperated that it would look even better!!
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Chunky Blonde Hoghlights
dye it light brown with lighter tips. do an ombre look :))
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