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Would i look good with bangs?

I viewed all of my makeovers and my friends say i look good with bangs, but i don't know if they are just trying to be nice.
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I think a longer side swept bang would be really nice on you. Don't go for a full fringe as this will enclose your face too much.
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I think either way you'd look pretty, but I think you'd look pretty cool with bangs. I personally really like Florence's hair; I love the fringe http://cdni.condenast.co.uk/592x888/d_f/fwelch_gl_28feb11_PA.jpg
or you could try something like this:

But yeah! I think try it out and see how you look. ;)
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yes, front fringe your friends are right
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yes i think you would beautiful with bangs but do side swipe bangs because if you get tired with them you can at least pin them up
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Of course you would look great with bangs. I do like your hair how it is though!
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no dose anyone think I would look good with bangs
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i think you look pretty with the way your hair is at the moment,mabye as you get older you'll want bangs but for now i think you should leave it. This is just my opinion to be honest either would be nice! Good luck xxx
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