Would i look good in white bleach blonde hair?....and turquoise hair?

the color turquoise is by manic panic and is called atomic turquoise.....i really want to know if id look good in these colors...
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Im not to sure about turquoise but maybe a dark blue. I reckon that would look great
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I think the turquoise will look great on you. You will have to lighten the hair quite a bit to achieve accurate results. However because of you dark your hair is naturally, I know you will have a hard time lifting to a white level. i would lift as much as possible but then tone it with the turquoise color to cover any warmth or brightness left behinds from the bleach.
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You could also buy this temp color rinse at the drugstore and see what a blue tint would look like; in the background of your current color. It rinses out after a few washes, but it will give you an idea.
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I would not suggest this with your skin coloring. How about leaving your hair the current color & putting in some turquoise streaks?
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You could do the turquoise streaks in your dark hair. Not sure I would recommend the white bleach blonde....can be very damaging to your hair. I think it would look cool in your black hair.
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